Quiz & Answer Key For The Well Educated

Definitions Educated: To have knowledge, typically associated with the act of being educated from a school. Open-Mindedness: Open-mindedness is receptiveness to new ideas. Open-mindedness relates to the way in which people approach the views and knowledge of others. It takes a broad understanding of the world, and a humble self-awareness to be truly open-minded.

Carefully read each question and respond by selecting the best response.

Part 1

  1. Should you wake up extra early tomorrow morning to finish your essay?

  2. Yes

  3. No

Answer: A truly educated person would know the right answer to this question. A, of course. The well educated person is motivated to present their best work. They are the most motivated type of people.

2. Describe your work ethic:

Answer: A well educated person works their hardest. They realize the value in knowledge and they take advantage. They try not to be distracted by multimedia, they spend the majority of their time being productive, and accomplish goals they set out for. The goals they achieve then, are a result of merit. Just as they should be (according to the parents of the well educated student).

3. You are feeling overwhelmed; you have 10 extracurriculars at all times (including leadership positions), advanced classes, and a new internship which your well educated dad found for you. You want a day of rest. Do you take it?

  1. Yes, you care about your work, but you understand the importance of self care.

  2. No, you must always put in 1oo% effort.

Answer: Admirably so, the well educated person would select B. They persevere through hard times, their eyes always set on their aspirations. They might look down on those who don’t try so hard along the way, but they know their work ethic and hard work will take them places. Their hard work will pay off, they will go to a highly ranked university to be even more well educated, they will work at a company with other well educated people, they will marry a well educated person, and will have well educated kids. Friends will meet them and think “wow, what impressive people.” The well educated person will smile when they overhear this. Once they hear that, they’ll know they’ve made it.

4. You are now reading a book on critical race theory for class, specifically about education inequality due to underfunded schools in largely black and hispanic districts. You are fascinated by the concepts and become highly passionate about inequality in the United States. What do you think?

  1. I wonder where these concepts arose from and if there is any scientific research to support them

  2. How interesting. I am not sure about [this] idea, but I look forward to hearing what my classmates think about it.

  3. Everyone should be able to go to college! This isn’t right!

  4. All of the above, but mostly c

Answer: D, of course. The well educated person wants their life for everyone. They are saddened by the concept of not being able to attend higher education. How else will that person achieve their goals (assuming everyone’s goals are ambitious, that is). The well educated person is most likely progressive. They are a person of diversity, equity, and inclusion. How lovely of them: caring for the less fortunate (educated). They consider themselves lucky and appreciate their opportunities, which is why they take advantage of them. As a result, they are particularly appalled by the idea that some people don’t have access to their education.

Part 2

  1. You scroll through instagram and come across a post of a girl you once went to school with. She smiles holding a certificate of achievement. She has just graduated from cosmetology school. You are surprised for a moment and then smile. She seems so happy.

  2. right?

Answer: To a well educated person, ambition and hard work lead to only a certain kind of success. They strive to feel at best impartial to this sort of path in life.

2. Now, consider question 3 knowing that the girl who you saw graduated valedictorian

of her class, spends her free time volunteering, and is the perfect candidate for your dream school.

Answer: It is different now. The well educated person wonders why she would waste such potential. For well educated people know not to accept anything below exceptional.

3. You are with your friends and you just finished a particularly difficult math test. You joke how you “failed” knowing you secured a B at the lowest. Your friend laughs that you will need to attend community college after receiving the grades for this test. You ___

  1. Laugh with him

  2. Know that there’s nothing wrong with community college, but laugh as it is just a joke

  3. Tell your friend their joke was insensitive.

Answer: As a well educated and mature person, the obvious answer is B A. You too look down upon community college, as it “just isn’t the path for you.” Can you even imagine the embarrassment of anything below exceptional?

4. Applications for honor societies come out today. Which do you apply for?

  1. All (if applicable to the theme you aim to present on your college apps.)

  2. Just NHS

  3. a few

  4. none

Answer: Most well educated people understand the realities of honor societies. But no matter how much they try to reject their desire to wear a rainbow of cords on their graduation day, they can’t. So, they apply. It can’t hurt right? (The correct answer is a)

5. You are currently working on college applications and read a supplemental prompt: what is education to you? Please describe how our school might exemplify this definition?

Answer: Answers may vary. The well educated person knows what they should say. They know that education is freedom; it allows us to pursue whatever life we desire, whether that be the arts, medicine, or law. They might recognize the privilege they have by growing up with such great education. Or, they may not (they may not have anything worse to compare their education to). In spite of this, the well educated person feels guilty writing this response. They have at least some morals, after all. But, as they write their BS in order to get into a fancy university to become even more educated, they reassure themselves by remembering that everyone stretches the truth on their applications. They do agree that education is freedom, which is an important value, so it isn’t like they’re lying. But they have never experienced education in that way. Education isn’t really freedom for the well educated. It is a social requirement, a motivator and form of validation, and a way to fight the dreaded chains of mediocrity. At least that’s how it feels behind their indoctrinated facade of powerful buzz words they use to describe what education means to them. Full points given if they use any of the following words: gateway to success, freedom, personal development, privilege.

6. You are preparing for a class discussion on American polarization. List some of the points you plan to make

Answer: Answers may vary. Points given if the following ideas are addressed: Any reference to a CNN, MSNBC, or other left-leaning news source. Any blame on the education divide, with a balance of sympathy towards the uneducated and disgust towards the opinions of the same people. Well educated people recognize major global problems. They understand how inequality and injustice inhibit societal progress. Yet, their views are influenced by the association between liberals and educated people. In other words, their implicit bias towards wanting to appear educated along with a fear of seeming uneducated supplements when they don’t have a proper understanding of one particular issue. A well educated person will be especially disturbed by a lack of available educational resources. Again, they know the power and value a good education can provide. This doesn’t stop them from looking down on the opinions of the less educated, or the less educated people in general simply for being less educated. The well educated person is a hypocrite.


A well educated person would answer these questions to the best of their ability, with only good intentions. Unfortunately, in an effort to be as aware as a person can be, the well educated person tends to isolate themselves from the possibilities of life, and open-mindedness is no longer possible. So, if the well educated person does in fact answer this quiz correctly, forgive them.

Writer: Annie Decastro

Location: Singapore