How Trump Supporters Turned Into Terrorists.

Until January 6th, I had never seen such violence, terrorism, and more importantly, visual proof of the most explosive group of people in America. Millions of dangerous Trump supporters exist, and until the events on January 6th, many Americans, including me, did not fully realize it. 

Prior to ballots being cast in the 2020 election, President Trump warned of election fraud and pushed the conspiracy that mail-in ballots are a “rigged” system. His supporters throughout America and his allies in the House and Senate believed him and continued to blindly reject the election results. They saw no problem with his tumultuous legal battles, none of which came to fruition, and his pleading to ‘find votes’.

His January 6th, “save America rally”, had been planned for months. Although no one could ever predict the exact outcome, Americans and law enforcement were naive to not properly prepare for the worst. On the morning of the 6th, Trump spoke to his supporters who flew confederate flags, dressed in military gear, and proudly wore 6MWE t-shirts and other nazi adjacent apparel. The President said “you have to get your people to fight”, and they certainly did. Rudy Giulini spoke to the crowd saying there should be “trial by combat” which further instigated the crowd.

These rioters traveled from across the country over a false conspiracy of election fraud. They are not American heroes, they breached the Capitol, took over the Senate floor, attacked police, and did so to ‘protect’ their President. They are intoxicated by the idea of overturning the election which has been fueled by Trump and his “Trumpublicans”, as Chris Cuomo calls them. They are not the party of law and order. These white supremacists broke windows, doors, stole documents, and took down the American flag to replace it with a Trump flag. A true sentiment of what they believe is their America, a country that stands for fascism and not democracy.

Staff Writer: Abi Baker

Editor: Lauren Shin

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