How Gen Z is beating Trump at his own game.

Here is a simple analysis of a few of the effortless pranks Gen Z has done to the President of the United States. Donald Trump is known for bullying his opponents and being verbally abusive, so teens are putting him in his place. Although many Gen Z’ers aren’t old enough to vote this year, they are making sure to do everything they can to rattle Trump before the election.

First, the historically empty Tulsa Rally.

Before Donald Trump’s first rally since March his campaign gloated about the ticket RSVP’s, stating “Almost One Million people request tickets for the Saturday Night Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma!”. So after booking a larger venue it was a sad surprise to Trump that only 6,200 people were in attendance. The volume of tickets that were reserved came from Gen Z’ers on TikTok and thousands of K-Pop fans. The arena was noticeably empty and because of that, the second event Trump planned was canceled.

Shopping cart abandonment at the Maga Store.

Have you ever heard of shopping cart abandonment and it’s damaging effects on online shopping? Well, Gen Z has! Another way teens have been spending their free time during quarantine is by adding thousands of dollars worth of MAGA gear to their online shopping carts and then not buying any of it. Creating mass orders to be made and then having no one to buy the products in the carts. Since this has happened has limited the maximum quantity on items from 10 to 3.

Posing as Mike Pence.

As Trump looks for new supporters to vote for him, his website is full of ways to volunteer, donate, and get informed. Instead of subscribing to these with their own names and emails, teens are posing as Mike Pence. Using his public White House email and the White House zip code revert all campaign emails to Pence’s office. Teens are also answering quizzes with the opposite answers Trump is looking for, ie. Do you think President Trump has done a good job? The answer, No.

1 Star Ratings and a Social Media Shadowban.

A new series of pranks are being led by Claudia Conway… yes, Kellyanne Coway’s daughter, Trump’s top advisor. Claudia proposed that teens rate Donald Trump’s many restaurants, hotels, and golf clubs with one-star ratings. With the hope of ruining its online reputation and notoriety. Claudia, along with others, are suggesting that people report Donald Trump’s social media accounts. This could result in a shadowban on his personal accounts, meaning he could continue to post, but it would limit who could see it. If you were to search his name on, for example, Twitter, it wouldn’t show up. Obviously this would be very tough on him considering his addiction to the app Twitter.

As more pranks emerge each day it is clear that this won’t stop until the election, or until Trump is out of the White House. For some teens, they want to hold the president accountable for things he’s done prior to coming to the White House, and for others they feel like it’s the only way to help vote him out.

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